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Fragrance Oil Calculator

How to Use the Fragrance Oil Calculator

Follow these steps to calculate the amount of fragrance oil needed for your wax mixture:

  1. Enter the total weight of wax or the total desired weight of the mixture (wax + fragrance oil) in grams or ounces.
  2. Enter the desired fragrance load percentage.
  3. Select the units (grams or ounces).
  4. Select the calculation method you prefer:
  5. Click the "Calculate" button to see the results.

Calculation Methods

Standard Method: This method simply calculates the percentage from the wax weight. Formula: (Fragrance Load % / 100) * Total Wax Weight

Alternative Method: This method calculates the fragrance oil amount using an alternative formula. Formula: Fragrance Oil = (Fragrance Load % / (100 - Fragrance Load %)) * Total Wax Weight

Total Amount Method: This method calculates the amounts of wax and fragrance oil based on the total desired weight of the mixture. Formulas: Wax Amount = Total Weight / (1 + (Fragrance Load % / 100)) and Fragrance Oil Amount = Total Weight - Wax Amount

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