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8 Cell Clamshell for HoBa Silicone Mold Wax Melts

Enhance your wax melts with our HoBa Clamshells, the perfect companion for your HoBa silicone molds. Made from recycled PET, these clamshells offer both sustainability and superior functionality, ensuring that your wax melts look as good as they smell.

Dimensions & Specifications:

External Dimensions:160mm x 120mm x 20mm
Cell Capacity: Each clamshell can comfortably hold up to 215g of wax across all cells when not using the HoBa molds for wax inserts..
Individual Cell Size: 50mm x 30mm x 18mm – perfectly sized to fit wax melts crafted in HoBa silicone molds.
Weight: Lightweight at only 27g when empty, facilitating easy storage and handling.

These clamshells are not just recyclable—they are perfect to support the specific dimensions of wax melts made with our HoBa silicone molds, guaranteeing a beautiful fit every time. Ideal for wax melt artisans looking to showcase their creations in professional, sustainable packaging, our clamshells ensure your products are beautifully presented and environmentally friendly.