Between the Sheets Fragrance Oil

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Indulge in the sensual allure of Between the Sheets Fragrance Oil, a captivating blend that starts with the fresh, green notes of violet leaf harmoniously paired with the sweet juiciness of peach. This enticing opening sets the stage for a heart of lush magnolia, exotic jasmine, and delicate cotton blossom, weaving a seductive and floral middle that speaks of whispered secrets and intimate moments. The journey concludes with a base of white musk, warm amber, and earthy patchouli, grounding the fragrance in a deep, enveloping sensuality. Between the Sheets is an invitation to explore the depths of desire and the beauty of closeness.

Each of our fragrance oils are provided in an undiluted form to ensure maximum strength and performance for all of your needs. Our oils are widely versatile for an array of home fragrance and cosmetic products, including but not limited to, candle making, diffusers, soaps, and bath bombs. However, it is your own responsibility to check the IFRA guidelines to ensure safe and appropriate use. When bottled our oils may look filled to different levels, this is because we sell in grams. Some oils are denser making the bottles look less full.

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TOP - Violet Leaf, Peach

MIDDLE - Magnolia, Jasmine, Cotton Blossom

BOTTOM - White Musk, Amber, Pathouli



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