Cat Keyring Wall Hanger Silicone Mold

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Cat Keyring Wall Hanger Silicone Mould

The mould produces a wall hanger and Keyrings that fit together and keep your keys safe and in the same place. There is space for 3 keyrings.

The keyrings are 5mm deep as are the slots, the overall thickness is 10mm.

IMPORTANT: We highly advise embedding magnets into the resin of the plaque and the keyrings to give an added layer of security when hanging keys from the finished piece. Large bunches of keys may hinder the operation of the piece and it is better suited for smaller bunches of key.

Silicone moulds will come in a random colour and we do not accept colours requests unless specified in the listing.

We use high quality platinum cure silicone that is food safe and can handle up to 230C (440F). We also de-gas our silicone before pouring the molds meaning they are great for use with wax, soap, resin, jesmonite, chocolate and for baking.

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