CraftPal Mini - Nail Art Edition - Reusable Silicone Nail Art Palette

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Craftpal Mini - Nail Art Edition

The Ultimate Silicone Palette for Nail Technicians and Artists.

Unlock your creative potential with the Craftpal Mini - Nail Art Edition, a durable silicone palette designed specifically for nail art professionals. Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency, whether you’re using this at a salon or crafting intricate designs at home.

Key Features:

Versatile Design: Equipped with 8 differently sized cavities, our palette facilitates easy color mixing and separation, perfect for custom nail art applications.
Enhanced Functionality: Includes a specialized well with a textured bottom for water or cleaning solutions, making brush cleaning effortless during your art sessions.
Brush Stability: Features a thoughtfully designed edge to securely rest art brushes, keeping them organized and accessible throughout your creative process.

Made from premium silicone, the Craftpal Mini is durable and easy to maintain. Post-use, it can be cured under a UV lamp for cleaning UV-activated materials, or simply rinsed off and then placed in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning of paints and powders.

Ideal for Professional Use

Perfect for nail technicians and artists looking to elevate their craft, this palette supports precise work with its user-friendly layout and resilient construction. It's a must-have tool that blends functionality with innovation, tailored to the dynamic needs of modern nail artistry.

Embrace the art of precision with the Craftpal Mini - Nail Art Edition, your new partner in creating flawless and imaginative nail designs.

Versatility for All Artists

Whilst this palette is specifically designed for nail technicians, the Craftpal Mini - Nail Art Edition also serves as an excellent portable palette for artists working with paint, resin, and other mediums. Its portable design and robust construction make it an indispensable tool for artists on the go, blending practicality with versatility to meet the demands of various creative tasks.