Rapeseed & Coconut Wax - Melt Blend

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The 4119-P Rapeseed Melt Blend is an expertly engineered mixture designed for use in wax melts, tea lights, and smaller pillar candles. This blend combines rapeseed and coconut waxes, ensuring a product free from Genetically Modified organisms, soy, palm derivatives, and any additional additives. It is also vegan-friendly and has received Halal and Kosher certifications. However, it is not suitable for crafting large pillar or container candles. This is usually in pellet form.

Melting Instructions

To integrate dyes effectively, the wax should be heated to approximately 75°C. It is crucial to avoid overheating to prevent scorching. Moderate stirring is advised, and temperatures above 90-100°C should be strictly avoided. For applications not requiring dyes, heating the wax to a maximum of 65°C is adequate.

Fragrance Addition

Fragrances should be incorporated at temperatures ranging from 60-65°C, ensuring thorough mixing for a uniform distribution. Pre-testing each fragrance for compatibility is essential, as some may exhibit limited solubility, leading to separation upon cooling. It is advisable to conduct ambient temperature fluctuation tests between approximately 5°C and 25°C to check for fragrance leaching. Successful integration has been noted at an 8% fragrance concentration, though higher concentrations may be explored with additional testing.

Pouring Guidelines

The wax offers flexibility in pour temperatures, with optimal results observed between 45°C and 65°C. In cooler environments, utilizing the higher temperature range can prevent unwanted lines on the mould's surface. It is recommended to limit the duration of exposure to high temperatures to preserve the fragrance's integrity.

Curing Process

After pouring, the wax products should be allowed to cool and cure for at least 24 hours to achieve the best quality.

**Please note that for 20kg/full boxes of wax there is a lead time of 3 working days.**