Zombie Head Silicone Mold

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The zombie head measures 55mm high, 45mm wide 55mm deep and and collectively holds approximately 65-70g of wax.

The lid/head is removable so you can seal things inside such as brain that comes with him as seen in the photos. This mold CAN be used with resin jesmonite etc.

WAX MAKERS PLEASE READ - This mold is not a beginner mold, we recommend this only for users who are fully knowledgable of their wax capabilities. It may not be suitable for use with soft waxes, we recommend popping it into the freezer for a little while before demolding and a top tip is that the flexible silicone can be bent fully backwards to help remove it. You can always cut the mold down the back of the head and then when in use use some tape to hold it together.

Top tip - You an use wax to seal in some brain scoopies in the head (not included)

The models have been 3D printed so there may be small imperfections and tiny layer lines and the finished piece will not be shiny.

Silicone moulds will come in a random colour and we do not accept colour requests unless specified in the listing.

We use high quality platinum cure silicone that is food safe and can handle up to 230C (440F). We also de-gas our silicone before pouring the molds meaning they are great for use with wax, soap, resin, jesmonite, chocolate and for baking.